Specialist Solutions

Our range of bespoke specialist solutions offers clients the advantage offered by the SBR focus and expertise in shopper behaviour:

FeatureFocus™  in-store focus groups

A unique video-based qualitative methodology that explores shopper attitudes and opinions to the in-store environment

An ideal approach to understand customer’s attitudes and opinions regarding various aspects of the store

  • General store layout
  • Category location and adjacencies
  • Category layout and flow
  • Product ranging
  • Influence of promotional activity
  • Reaction to pricing and promotional activity in-store
  • New and existing packaging evaluation and effectiveness


Shopper behaviour database offering bench-marked shopper insights

SBR is the Africa franchise holder for Shopper Intelligence, a unique and comprehensive, syndicated database which tracks in-store shopper behaviour.

The South African report covering the top Consumer Packaged Goods categories in Checkers, Pick n Pay, Shoprite and Spar banners will be published in the last quarter of 2020.

Shopper Intelligence provides comprehensive bench-marked data including:

  • Category DNA:  Data about how shoppers see one category or department relative to others. Establishing the Category DNA allows objective understanding of the role of the category in store and how it should be managed to optimise investment.
  • Satisfaction:  Provides measures of whether shoppers feel the category meets their expectations. This measurement provides insight into opportunities for improving shopper satisfaction.
  • Path to Purchase:  Tells us how shoppers went about making their decision. Where the purchase decision to buy takes place, what influenced it, and what impact any promotions had on their purchase behaviour. This can then guide shopper marketing initiatives.
  • Demographic Profile: Provides a detailed profile of category shoppers for every Shopper Intelligence metric.

For more information about Shopper Intelligence, please see: https://www.shopperintelligence.com

Shopper LogiQ – Marketing to the power of one through personalised promotions to your shoppers

SBR is an authorised marketing agent for Shopper LogiQ, a software application that enhances existing supplier and retail customer loyalty programs with personalised offers to shoppers.

Shopper LogiQ maximises customer retention through:

  • IndividualisationCultivates unique, personalised and interactive relationships with shoppers by using individualised promotional campaigns. These campaigns can be devised to work within one category or across categories within which the customer shops.
  • Automation: In line with your strategy the cloud and community do the rest in a “set & define” configuration.
  • EngagementUses your customer data to deliver the highest levels of customer engagement. Your data is used to drive automated, yet personalised conversations with your customers.
  • CollaborationEnables a co-investment platform that gives each stakeholder (e.g. retailer and supplier) what they want and so takes vendor funding to the next level with mutual benefits

For more information about Shopper LogiQ: https://shopperlogiq.com

GeoBI Geospatial Business Intelligence

A single source database comprising geo-spatially coded data on households within major African cities and towns in target countries.

GeoBI provides an in-depth look at target market households within designated geographic areas. Ideal for planning retail store locations and other services, recreation and entertainment facilities.